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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Core of F 25 in the rotational model

  • Author(s): Macchiavelli, AO
  • Clark, RM
  • Crawford, HL
  • Fallon, P
  • Lee, IY
  • Morse, C
  • Campbell, CM
  • Cromaz, M
  • Santamaria, C
  • et al.

In a recent experiment, carried out at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory/RIKEN, the F25(p,2p)O24 reaction was studied at 270 MeV/A in inverse kinematics. Derived spectroscopic factors suggest that the effective core of F25 significantly differs from a free O24 nucleus. We interpret these results within the particle-rotor model and show that the experimental level scheme of F25 can be understood in the rotation-aligned coupling scheme with its 5/21+ ground state as the bandhead of a decoupled band. The excitation energies of the observed 1/21+ and 9/21+ states correlate strongly with the rotational energy of the effective core, seen by the odd proton, and allow us to estimate its 2+ energy at ≈3.2MeV and a moderate quadrupole deformation ϵ2≈0.15. The measured fragmentation of the πd5/2 single-particle strength is discussed, and some further experiments suggested.

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