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The Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course: An Assessment of the Changes and Impacts on the Coral Reef Environment from Recent Development and Land Use


The purpose of this study is to evaluate and describe land-use impacts of the development and maintenance of the Moorea Green Pearl Golf Resort on its surrounding coral reef lagoons. It will identify the types and degrees of change that have already taken place and predict changes that are likely to take place. It attempts to identify the causes of these changes and will attempt to reconstruct the pre-golf course baseline using available records and resources and through interviews. It includes photographic documentation of the current golf course and conditions of the surrounding areas for future use. To identify runoff inputs into the lagoon, the project included an analysis of water samples for dissolved inorganic nutrients (NO4, P04, NO2, and NH4) and an analysis of sediment samples to measure the concentrations of bioavailable heavy metals on the sediment. Lastly, it will discuss future plans for the site and its contingent impacts based on this assessment.

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