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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Isolation of Production Modi Operandi Correlated with Anomalous Behavior

  • Author(s): Dillon, Joshua V.
  • Baumohl, Jason K.
  • Casner, Daniel T.
  • Copeland, Alex C.
  • Pletcher, David C.
  • et al.

The sequencing process is a multi-stage operation requiring a combination of resources, machines, and operators and resulting in a series of DNA sequences. In a DNA sequencing production line, there exist a network of paths in which any single traversal yields a sample. Within this multiplicity of paths, specific combinations of steps contribute to under-performing or otherwise anomalous results. Isolating these combinations is difficult as many are not actualized and direct analysis quickly becomes computationally intractable. To solve this problem, both parametric and non-parametric techniques are used to autonomically isolate anomalous traces. Then, through a novel variation on principal components analysis, the contributing modi operandi are identified.

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