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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Attempt to confirm superheavy element production in the 48Ca + 238U reaction

  • Author(s): Gregorich, K.E.
  • Loveland, W.
  • Peterson, D.
  • Zielinski, P.M.
  • Nelson, S.L.
  • Chung, Y.H.
  • Dullmann, Ch.E.
  • Folden III, C.M.
  • Aleklett, K.
  • Eichler, R.
  • Hoffman D.C.
  • Omtvedt, J.P.
  • Pang, G.K.
  • Schwantes, J.M.
  • Soverna, S.
  • Sprunger, P.
  • Sudowe, R.
  • Wilson, R.E.
  • Nitsche, H.
  • et al.

An attempt to confirm production of superheavy elements in the reaction of 48Ca beams with actinide targets has been performed using the 238U(48Ca,3n)283112 reaction. Two 48Ca projectile energies were used, that spanned the energy range where the largest cross sections have been reported for this reaction. No spontaneous fission events were observed. No alpha decay chains consistent with either reported or theoretically predicted element 112 decay properties were observed. The cross section limits reached are significantly smaller than the recently reported cross sections.

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