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iGeoT v1.0: Automatic Parameter Estimation for Multicomponent Geothermometry, User’s Guide:


GeoT implements the multicomponent geothermometry method developed by Reed and Spycher [1984] into a stand-alone computer program to ease the application of this method and to improve the prediction of geothermal reservoir temperatures using full and integrated chemical analyses of geothermal fluids. Reservoir temperatures are estimated from statistical analyses of mineral saturation indices computed as a function of temperature. The reconstruction of the deep geothermal fluid compositions, and geothermometry computations, are all implemented into the same computer program, allowing unknown or poorly constrained input parameters to be estimated by numerical optimization. This integrated geothermometry approach presents advantages over classical geothermometers for fluids that have not fully equilibrated with reservoir minerals and/or that have been subject to processes such as dilution and gas loss. This manual contains installation instructions for iGeoT, and briefly describes the input formats needed to run iGeoT in Automatic or Expert Mode. An example is also provided to demonstrate the use of iGeoT.

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