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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Underlying-event sensitive observables in Drell–Yan production using GENEVA

  • Author(s): Alioli, S
  • Bauer, CW
  • Guns, S
  • Tackmann, FJ
  • et al.

© 2016, The Author(s). We present an extension of the Geneva Monte Carlo framework to include multiple parton interactions (MPI) provided by Pythia8. This allows us to obtain predictions for underlying-event sensitive measurements in Drell–Yan production, in conjunction with Geneva ’s fully differential NNLO calculation, NNLL ′ resummation for the 0-jet resolution variable (beam thrust), and NLL resummation for the 1-jet resolution variable. We describe the interface with the parton-shower algorithm and MPI model of Pythia8, which preserves both the precision of the partonic N-jet cross sections in Geneva as well as the shower accuracy and good description of soft hadronic physics of Pythia8. We present results for several underlying-event sensitive observables and compare to data from ATLAS and CMS as well as to standalone Pythia8 predictions. This includes a comparison with the recent ATLAS measurement of the beam thrust spectrum, which provides a potential avenue to fully disentangle the physical effects from the primary hard interaction, primary soft radiation, multiple parton interactions, and nonperturbative hadronization.

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