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Neutron single-particle strengths at N=40, 42: Neutron knockout from Ni 68,70 ground and isomeric states

  • Author(s): Recchia, F;
  • Weisshaar, D;
  • Gade, A;
  • Tostevin, JA;
  • Janssens, RVF;
  • Albers, M;
  • Bader, VM;
  • Baugher, T;
  • Bazin, D;
  • Berryman, JS;
  • Brown, BA;
  • Campbell, CM;
  • Carpenter, MP;
  • Chen, J;
  • Chiara, CJ;
  • Crawford, HL;
  • Hoffman, CR;
  • Kondev, FG;
  • Korichi, A;
  • Langer, C;
  • Lauritsen, T;
  • Liddick, SN;
  • Lunderberg, E;
  • Noji, S;
  • Prokop, C;
  • Stroberg, SR;
  • Suchyta, S;
  • Wimmer, K;
  • Zhu, S
  • et al.

The distribution of single-particle strength in Ni67,69 was characterized with one-neutron knockout reactions from intermediate-energy Ni68,70 secondary beams, selectively populating neutron-hole configurations at N=39 and 41, respectively. The spectroscopic strengths deduced from the measured partial cross sections to the individual final states, as tagged by their γ-ray decays, are used to identify and quantify neutron configurations in the wave functions. While Ni69 compares well with shell-model predictions, the results for Ni67 challenge the validity of current effective shell-model Hamiltonians by revealing discrepancies that cannot be explained so far. These results suggest that our understanding of the low-lying states in the neutron-rich, semimagic Ni isotopes may be incomplete and requires further investigation on both the experimental and theoretical sides.

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