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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Soft X-ray Emission Spectral Analysis of Graphite Fluoride (CF)n Using the DV-X(alpha) Calculations

  • Author(s): Ueda, Satoshi
  • Muramatsu, Yasuji
  • Denlinger, Jonathan
  • et al.

We measured the soft x-ray emission (XES) in the the C and F K-regions of graphite fluoride (CF)n by supressing sample decomposition due to the synchrotron radiation (SR) excitation, and analyzed the X-ray spectral features using the DV-Xalpha method. The high-energy peak in the C K-spectra is assigned to the pi transition due to the C 2p hybridized with the F 2p orbitals. The XES can be successfully reproduced by calculated C and F 2p density of states (DOS) of a stretched C-F bond model in which the C-F bond length is longer than the typical length of 1.397 Angstroms.

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