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International performance measurement and verification protocol: Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings - Vol. I


The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (MVP) provides an overview of current best practice techniques available for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects. It may also be used by facility operators to assess and improve facility performance. Energy conservation measures (ECMs) covered herein include fuel saving measures, water efficiency measures, load shifting and energy reductions through installation or retrofit of equipment, and/or modification of operating procedures. The IPMVP is not intended to prescribe contractual terms between buyers and sellers of efficiency services, although it provides guidance on some of these issues. Once other contractual issues are decided, this document can help in the selection of the measurement & verification (M&V) approach that best matches: i) project costs and savings magnitude, ii) technology-specific requirements, and iii) risk allocation between buyer and seller, i.e., which party is responsible for installed equipment performance and which party is responsible for achieving long term energy savings. Two dimensions of ECM performance verification are addressed in this document: Savings determination technique using available data of suitable quality and disclosure of data and analysis enabling one party to perform saving determinations while another verifies it.

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