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A stable metal-covalent-supramolecular organic framework hybrid: enrichment of catalysts for visible light-induced hydrogen production

  • Author(s): Li, XF
  • Yu, SB
  • Yang, B
  • Tian, J
  • Wang, H
  • Zhang, DW
  • Liu, Y
  • Li, ZT
  • et al.

Cubic metal-covalent-supramolecular organic framework (MCSOF-1) hybrid has been created from the reaction of two molecular components and subsequent co-assembly with cucurbit[8]uril (CB[8]) in water. In the presence of CB[8], [Ru(bpy) ] -based acylhydrazine 1·2Cl reacted with aldehyde 2·Cl to quantitatively yield six-armed precursor 3·8Cl through the generation of MCSOF-1. MCSOF-1 combines the structural features of metal-, covalent- and supramolecular organic frameworks. Its periodicity in water and in the solid state was confirmed by synchrotron X-ray scattering and diffraction experiments. MCSOF-1 could enrich discrete anionic polyoxometalates (POMs), maintain periodicity in acidic medium, and remarkably facilitate visible light-induced electron transfer from its [Ru(bpy) ] units to enriched POMs, leading to enhanced catalysis of the POMs for the reduction of proton to H in both aqueous (homogeneous) and organic (heterogeneous) media. 3 3 2 2+ 2+

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