Augmented resolution of linear hyperbolic systems under nonconservative form
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Augmented resolution of linear hyperbolic systems under nonconservative form


Hyperbolic systems under nonconservative form arise in numerous applications modeling physical processes, for example from the relaxation of more general equations (e.g. with dissipative terms). This paper reviews an existing class of augmented Roe schemes and discusses their application to linear nonconservative hyperbolic systems with source terms. We extend existing augmented methods by redefining them within a common framework which uses a geometric reinterpretation of source terms. This results in intrinsically well-balanced numerical discretizations. We discuss two equivalent formulations: (1) a nonconservative approach and (2) a conservative reformulation of the problem. The equilibrium properties of the schemes are examined and the conditions for the preservation of the well-balanced property are provided. Transient and steady state test cases for linear acoustics and hyperbolic heat equations are presented. A complete set of benchmark problems with analytical solution, including transient and steady situations with discontinuities in the medium properties, are presented and used to assess the equilibrium properties of the schemes. It is shown that the proposed schemes satisfy the expected equilibrium and convergence properties.

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