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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Double Core-Hole Generation in O_{2} Molecules Using an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser: Molecular-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions.

  • Author(s): Kastirke, Gregor;
  • Schöffler, Markus S;
  • Weller, Miriam;
  • Rist, Jonas;
  • Boll, Rebecca;
  • Anders, Nils;
  • Baumann, Thomas M;
  • Eckart, Sebastian;
  • Erk, Benjamin;
  • De Fanis, Alberto;
  • Fehre, Kilian;
  • Gatton, Averell;
  • Grundmann, Sven;
  • Grychtol, Patrik;
  • Hartung, Alexander;
  • Hofmann, Max;
  • Ilchen, Markus;
  • Janke, Christian;
  • Kircher, Max;
  • Kunitski, Maksim;
  • Li, Xiang;
  • Mazza, Tommaso;
  • Melzer, Niklas;
  • Montano, Jacobo;
  • Music, Valerija;
  • Nalin, Giammarco;
  • Ovcharenko, Yevheniy;
  • Pier, Andreas;
  • Rennhack, Nils;
  • Rivas, Daniel E;
  • Dörner, Reinhard;
  • Rolles, Daniel;
  • Rudenko, Artem;
  • Schmidt, Philipp;
  • Siebert, Juliane;
  • Strenger, Nico;
  • Trabert, Daniel;
  • Vela-Perez, Isabel;
  • Wagner, Rene;
  • Weber, Thorsten;
  • Williams, Joshua B;
  • Ziolkowski, Pawel;
  • Schmidt, Lothar Ph H;
  • Czasch, Achim;
  • Ueda, Kiyoshi;
  • Trinter, Florian;
  • Meyer, Michael;
  • Demekhin, Philipp V;
  • Jahnke, Till
  • et al.

We report on a multiparticle coincidence experiment performed at the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser at the Small Quantum Systems instrument using a COLTRIMS reaction microscope. By measuring two ions and two electrons in coincidence, we investigate double core-hole generation in O_{2} molecules in the gas phase. Single-site and two-site double core holes have been identified and their molecular-frame electron angular distributions have been obtained for a breakup of the oxygen molecule into two doubly charged ions. The measured distributions are compared to results of calculations performed within the frozen- and relaxed-core Hartree-Fock approximations.

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