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Compilation of the ``Atlas of Gamma-rays from the Inelastic Scattering of Reactor Fast Neutrons'' (1978DE41) by A.M. Demidov, L.I. Govor, Yu. K. Cherepantsev, M.R. Ahmed, S. Al-Najjar, M.A. Al-Amili, N. Al-Assafi, and N. Rammo:

  • Author(s): Hurst, Aaron M.
  • Bernstein, Lee A.
  • Chong, Su-Ann
  • et al.

A Structured Query Language (SQL) relational database has been developed based on the original (n,n'gamma) work carried out by A.M. Demidov et al., at the Nuclear Research Institute in Baghdad, Iraq [``Atlas of Gamma-Ray Spectra from the Inelastic Scattering of Reactor Fast Neutrons'', Nuclear Research Institute, Baghdad, Iraq (Moscow, Atomizdat 1978)] for 105 independent measurements comprising 76 elemental samples of natural composition and 29 isotopically-enriched samples. The information from this ATLAS includes: gamma-ray energies and intensities; nuclide and level data corresponding to where the gamma-ray originated from; target (sample) experimental-measurement data. Taken together, this information allows for the extraction of the flux-weighted (n,n'gamma) cross sections for a given transition relative to a defined value. Currently, we are using the fast-neutron flux-weighted partial gamma-ray cross section from ENDF/B-VII.1 for the production of the 847-keV transition from the first excited 2+ state to the 0+ ground state in 56Fe, 468 mb. This value also takes into account contributions to the 847-keV transition following beta(-) decay of 56Mn formed in the 56Fe(n,p) reaction. However, this value can easily be adjusted to accommodate the user preference. The (n,n'gamma) data has been compiled into a series of ASCII comma separated value tables and a suite of Python scripts and C modules are provided to build the database. Upon building, the database can then be interacted with directly via the SQLite engine or accessed via the Jupyter Notebook Python-browser interface. Several examples exploiting these utilities are also provided with the complete software package.

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