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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Enhancement of α -particle formation near Sn 100

  • Author(s): Clark, RM
  • Macchiavelli, AO
  • Crawford, HL
  • Fallon, P
  • Rudolph, D
  • Såmark-Roth, A
  • Campbell, CM
  • Cromaz, M
  • Morse, C
  • Santamaria, C
  • et al.

The superfluid tunneling model is applied to the calculation of ground-state-to-ground-state α decay in the even-even neutron-deficient Te-Ba nuclei. We show that there is a larger α-particle formation probability in nuclei of this region above Sn100 when compared to analogous nuclei above Pb208. This is consistent with the expected systematic variation of the pair gap Δ as a function of mass number. The recent experimental data on the α decay of the N=Z nuclei Te104 and Xe108 are shown to leave open the possibility of enhanced α-particle formation involving nucleon correlations beyond the standard treatment of like-nucleon pairing, which is the mechanism suggested as underlying "superallowed" α decay.

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