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Rearray Manager


The Rearray Manager is a web-based software application designed at the Joint Genome Institute for microbial finishing. The Rearray Manager allows us to track primers and reaction plates by name, date, library, or reaction type. One of the most critical functions of the Rearray Manager is its interaction with the Tecan robot. Our Tecan machines have been programmed to cherry pick from multiple source plates into a single destination plate. This is very important to our group because as finishers often we only need a handful of clones from a 384 well plate. The Rearray Manager tells the Tecan which wells to pick from and dispense into and dictates the deck layout. The Rearray Manager is intergraded with consed so primers and reaction lists are automatically generated. Alternatively, such lists can be entered manually. The Rearray Manager organizes clones first by library, then by clone number unless you indicate otherwise. This flexibility in sorting is extremely useful when there are multiple libraries combined in one plate. From the Rearray Manager one can also look up plates (primer plates or reaction plates), check on the status of plates, edit or delete plates, and make sample sheets so plates can be loaded onto an ABI 3730. Finishing plates and their source plates can be visualized in 384 or 96 well format. Rearray Manager also generates a list of source plates which is essential to ordering necessary source plates from production storage.Use of the Rearray Manager allows us to effectively perform lab experiments for a large amount of projects.

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