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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Flexible Electrochemical Bioelectronics: The Rise of In Situ Bioanalysis.

  • Author(s): Yu, You
  • Nyein, Hnin Yin Yin
  • Gao, Wei
  • Javey, Ali
  • et al.

The amalgamation of flexible electronics in biological systems has shaped the way health and medicine are administered. The growing field of flexible electrochemical bioelectronics enables the in situ quantification of a variety of chemical constituents present in the human body and holds great promise for personalized health monitoring owing to its unique advantages such as inherent wearability, high sensitivity, high selectivity, and low cost. It represents a promising alternative to probe biomarkers in the human body in a simpler method compared to conventional instrumental analytical techniques. Various bioanalytical technologies are employed in flexible electrochemical bioelectronics, including ion-selective potentiometry, enzymatic amperometry, potential sweep voltammetry, field-effect transistors, affinity-based biosensing, as well as biofuel cells. Recent key innovations in flexible electrochemical bioelectronics from electrochemical sensing modalities, materials, systems, fabrication, to applications are summarized and highlighted. The challenges and opportunities in this field moving forward toward future preventive and personalized medicine devices are also discussed.

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