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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Mediation of plant-mycorrhizal interaction by a lectin receptor-like kinase.

  • Author(s): Labbé, Jessy
  • Muchero, Wellington
  • Czarnecki, Olaf
  • Wang, Juan
  • Wang, Xiaoping
  • Bryan, Anthony C
  • Zheng, Kaijie
  • Yang, Yongil
  • Xie, Meng
  • Zhang, Jin
  • Wang, Dongfang
  • Meidl, Peter
  • Wang, Hemeng
  • Morrell-Falvey, Jennifer L
  • Cope, Kevin R
  • Maia, Lucas GS
  • Ané, Jean-Michel
  • Mewalal, Ritesh
  • Jawdy, Sara S
  • Gunter, Lee E
  • Schackwitz, Wendy
  • Martin, Joel
  • Le Tacon, François
  • Li, Ting
  • Zhang, Zhihao
  • Ranjan, Priya
  • Lindquist, Erika
  • Yang, Xiaohan
  • Jacobson, Daniel A
  • Tschaplinski, Timothy J
  • Barry, Kerrie
  • Schmutz, Jeremy
  • Chen, Jin-Gui
  • Tuskan, Gerald A
  • et al.

The molecular mechanisms underlying mycorrhizal symbioses, the most ubiquitous and impactful mutualistic plant-microbial interaction in nature, are largely unknown. Through genetic mapping, resequencing and molecular validation, we demonstrate that a G-type lectin receptor-like kinase (lecRLK) mediates the symbiotic interaction between Populus and the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor. This finding uncovers an important molecular step in the establishment of symbiotic plant-fungal associations and provides a molecular target for engineering beneficial mycorrhizal relationships.

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