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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Two energy scales and slow crossover in YbAl3

  • Author(s): Lawrence, J.M.
  • Ebihara, T.
  • Riseborough, P.S.
  • Booth, C.H.
  • Pagliuso, P.G.
  • Sarrao, J.L.
  • Thompson, J.D.
  • et al.

We present results for YbAl$_3$ which show that the susceptibility $\chi(T)$, 4f occupation number $n_f(T)$ and the entropy $S(T)$ exhibit a slow crossover between the Fermi liquid and local moment regimes. In addition both $\chi(T)$ and the linear specific heat coefficient $\gamma = C/T$ exhibit low temperature peaks that imply that in addition to the Kondo scale ($T_K$ $\approx $ 500K) there is a second low temperature scale ($T_coh$ ^M$\approx $ 50K) for the onset of coherence. We discuss these results in the context of Nozieres' exhaustion in the Anderson lattice.

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