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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Confirmation of production of element 110 by the (208)Pb(64-Ni,n)reaction

  • Author(s): Ginter, T.N.
  • Gregorich, K.E.
  • Loveland, W.
  • Lee, D.M.
  • Kirbach, U.W.
  • Sudowe, R.
  • Folden III, C.M.
  • Patin, J.B.
  • Seward, N.
  • Wilk, P.A.
  • Zielinski, P.M.
  • Aleklett, K.
  • Eichler, R.
  • Nitsche, H.
  • Hoffman, D.C.
  • et al.

We report the experimental confirmation of the production of element110. In the bombardment of a 208Pb target with a 309~;MeV 64Ni beam, we have observed two chains of time- and position-correlated events. Each chain consisted of the implantation of an evaporation residue followed by the emission of alpha-particles. We attribute these two chains to the decay of 271-110 produced with a cross section of 8.3 (+11/-5.3)pb.

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