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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Coordination Polymers of 5-Alkoxy Isophthalic Acids

  • Author(s): McOrmick, LJ
  • Morris, SA
  • Slawin, AMZ
  • Teat, SJ
  • Morris, RE
  • et al.

© 2016 American Chemical Society. The topology of coordination polymers containing 5-alkoxy isophthalic acids and first row transition metals was found to be dependent on the combination of solvent system used and length of the alkyl chain. Four different framework types were identified: Phase A, M6(ROip)5(OH)2(H2O)4·xH2O (M = Co and R = Et, Pr, or nBu, or M = Zn and R = Et); Phase B, M2(ROip)2(H2O) (M = Co or Zn and R = Et, Pr, nBu, or iBu, or M = Mn and R = nBu or iBu); Phase C, Zn3(EtOip)2(OH)2; and Phase D, Zn2(EtOip)2(H2O)3. Preliminary screening of the NO storage and release capabilities of the Co-containing materials is also reported.

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