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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Low-Dimensional Contact Layers for Enhanced Perovskite Photodiodes

  • Author(s): Luo, D
  • Zou, T
  • Yang, W
  • Xiang, B
  • Yang, X
  • Wang, Y
  • Su, R
  • Zhao, L
  • Zhu, R
  • Zhou, H
  • Russell, TP
  • Yu, H
  • Lu, ZH
  • et al.

Controlling defects and energy-band alignments are of paramount importance to the development of high-performance perovskite-based photodiodes. Yet, concurrent improvements in interfacial contacts and defect reduction simply by tailoring bottom contacts have not been investigated. An effective strategy is reported that can simultaneously improve energy-band alignments and structural defects by introducing low-dimensional contact (LDC) layers at the bottom interface. It is found that LDC-based perovskites considerably suppress undesirable structural defects induced by microstrains, resulting in reduced nonradiative recombination centers and improved carrier lifetimes. Additionally, the resulting LDC-based interface structures help block minority carrier injection from the electrodes by forming built-in electric fields. As a consequence, LDC-based perovskite photodiodes showed improved light detection capabilities. The result opens an avenue to yield highly efficient photodiodes.

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