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Shape coexistence and the role of axial asymmetry in 72Ge

  • Author(s): Ayangeakaa, AD
  • Janssens, RVF
  • Wu, CY
  • Allmond, JM
  • Wood, JL
  • Zhu, S
  • Albers, M
  • Almaraz-Calderon, S
  • Bucher, B
  • Carpenter, MP
  • Chiara, CJ
  • Cline, D
  • Crawford, HL
  • David, HM
  • Harker, J
  • Hayes, AB
  • Hoffman, CR
  • Kay, BP
  • Kolos, K
  • Korichi, A
  • Lauritsen, T
  • Macchiavelli, AO
  • Richard, A
  • Seweryniak, D
  • Wiens, A
  • et al.

The quadrupole collectivity of low-lying states and the anomalous behavior of the 02+ and 23+ levels in Ge are investigated via projectile multi-step Coulomb excitation with GRETINA and CHICO-2. A total of forty six E2 and M1 matrix elements connecting fourteen low-lying levels were determined using the least-squares search code, gosia. Evidence for triaxiality and shape coexistence, based on the model-independent shape invariants deduced from the Kumar-Cline sum rule, is presented. These are interpreted using a simple two-state mixing model as well as multi-state mixing calculations carried out within the framework of the triaxial rotor model. The results represent a significant milestone towards the understanding of the unusual structure of this nucleus. 72

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