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Paleoecological Inferences from a Faunal Analysis of CA-SFr-07


An assemblage of 4130 invertebrate and vertebrate remains (805 of which are maximally identifiable) collected by Nelson are the subject of this report. Exact proveniences and associations of cultural and biological materials from CA-SFr-07 have not been recorded. The great majority of the faunal remains were collected from 3 to 6-ft. depths below the ground surface. Some fairly complete cranial materials were recovered from 6 to 9-ft. depths. Due to the nature of the retrieval methods employed in collecting the faunal materials, detection of possible changes in dietary preferences through time and a rigorous assessment of (unbiased) taxonomic and body part representations are not possible. The retrieval of fish remains was no doubt severely biased by this collection technique. Therefore, I have chosen to emphasize the diversity of food resources and habitat zones exploited by the inhabitants of CA-SFr-07 as evidenced by the faunal remains.

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