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Complete genome sequence of Alkaliphilus metalliredigens strain QYMF, an alkaliphilic and metal-reducing bacterium isolated from borax-contaminated leachate ponds

  • Author(s): Hwang, C
  • Copeland, A
  • Lucas, S
  • Lapidus, A
  • Barry, K
  • Detter, JC
  • Glavina del Rio, T
  • Hammon, N
  • Israni, S
  • Dalin, E
  • Tice, H
  • Pitluck, S
  • Chertkov, O
  • Brettin, T
  • Bruce, D
  • Han, C
  • Schmutz, J
  • Larimer, F
  • Land, ML
  • Hauser, L
  • Kyrpides, N
  • Mikhailova, N
  • Ye, Q
  • Zhou, J
  • Richardson, P
  • Fields, MW
  • et al.

© 2016 Hwang et al. Alkaliphilus metalliredigens strain QYMF is an anaerobic, alkaliphilic, and metal-reducing bacterium associated with phylum Firmicutes. QYMF was isolated from alkaline borax leachate ponds. The genome sequence will help elucidate the role of metalreducing microorganisms under alkaline environments, a capability that is not commonly observed in metal respiringmicroorganisms.

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