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Editorial Board Structure

Editorial Board Structure and Role

Editor-in-Chief: oversees the functions of all other segments and is the primary decision-maker for all manuscripts. The editor-in-chief needs to approve or reject the decision of the Associate Editors. She/he can re-assign this role to designated deputy editors. In addition, the editor-in-chief assigns roles to members of the editorial board and is able to execute changes in the journal sections without the need for BOT approval.

Deputy editors: they assume the role of Editor-in-Chief in their absence and assist the Editor-in-Chief and other section editors in editing articles for style and length and ensuring that the journal has a consistent style. They can serve as primary decision-makers if and when asked to do so by the Editor-in-Chief.

Associate editors: decision-making editors that oversee and decide whether to publish, revise, or reject an article or not. They are expected as well to play a major role in recruitment of potential publications and are expected to provide at least one contribution per year.

Section editors: direct managers of journal sections; they put a preliminary decision on papers assigned to them by the editor-in-chief, oversee the assignment and review process, and serve as reviewers in some cases.

Editors: they constitute editors that are not assigned to any of the above categories; essentially, editors form the editorial board. They contribute by publishing and/or recruiting contributors (publications, reviewers…) to the journal, review manuscripts on the request of the editor-in-chief, deputy, associate or section editors, and give their opinions on assigned tasks.

Reviewers: reviewers receive manuscripts to evaluate and give their opinions. They play a critical role in manuscript appraisal and the subsequent decision.

Technical Review & Publication Board:

This board includes: Technical Review Board, Research Methodology Editors, Statistical Reviewers, Language Editors, Social Media Team, IT Team including a Network and Website Editor, Distribution Officer, Financial Analyst, Copy Editor, Grammar and Punctuation Editor.