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Aim and Scope

The Journal of Citrus Pathology is an international, peer reviewed, open-access, online journal dedicated to timely dissemination of new knowledge from all branches of pathogens and diseases of citrus, and any agents affecting citrus biology, invited reviews of significant developments in citrus pathology, and occasional invited autobiographies and biographies of pioneer leaders of the field.

The Editors welcome original contributions written in English in the form of full-length papers in basic and applied research on biotic citrus diseases, pathogens and disease-associated agents, their spread, effects of pathogens on hosts, host genes involved in resistance, tolerance or susceptibility to diseases, and efforts to control and manage diseases. Pathogens and disease-associated agents include graft-transmissible agents, viruses, viroids, bacteria, phytoplasmas and other wall-less bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, and nematodes as well as any agents affecting citrus biology. Additional subject areas include epidemiology, etiology, transmission of diseases, and abiotic or unknown factors that affect citrus health or crop.

Short papers include brief reports of disease surveys or new disease outbreaks.

Reviews and autobiographies or biographies of pioneer leaders are invited by the Senior Editors. Reviews examine entire subfields in depth and are written by experienced researchers upon invitation.