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The Journal of Citrus Pathology in an international, peer-reviewed, open access, online publication. The Journal of Citrus Pathology welcomes reports on research from all branches of pathology on all diseases of citrus and related fields. The journal accepts original contributions in basic and applied research on citrus diseases, pathogens and disease-associated agents, including graft-transmissible agents, viruses, viroids, bacteria, phytoplasmas and other wall-less bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, and nematodes as well as any agents affecting citrus biology. This on-line IOCV publication by eScholarship ensures the distribution of critical information for citrus health and hosts occasional invited autobiographies and biographies of pioneer leaders of the field of citrus pathology.

Recently Accepted

First report of citrus virus A in citrus in South Africa

High-throughput sequencing (HTS) of citrus indicator hosts, inoculated from psorosis-like diseased samples, revealed the presence of the first South African variant of citrus virus A (CiVA).  This virus was first identified in citrus in Italy and is the second member of the Coguvirus genus within the order Bunyavirales. The South African sequence variants of CiVA shares 95.55% (RNA1) and 94.82% (RNA2) nucleotide sequence identity with the Italian CiVA sequence. The discovery of CiVA in South African citrus orchards indicates the global distribution of CiVA and further investigations are required to determine the association of CiVA with psorosis-like disease symptoms.