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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Observation of Weyl fermions in a magnetic non-centrosymmetric crystal.

  • Author(s): Sanchez, Daniel S
  • Chang, Guoqing
  • Belopolski, Ilya
  • Lu, Hong
  • Yin, Jia-Xin
  • Alidoust, Nasser
  • Xu, Xitong
  • Cochran, Tyler A
  • Zhang, Xiao
  • Bian, Yi
  • Zhang, Songtian S
  • Liu, Yi-Yuan
  • Ma, Jie
  • Bian, Guang
  • Lin, Hsin
  • Xu, Su-Yang
  • Jia, Shuang
  • Hasan, M Zahid
  • et al.

The absence of inversion symmetry in non-centrosymmetric materials has a fundamental role in the emergence of a vast number of fascinating phenomena, like ferroelectricity, second harmonic generation, and Weyl fermions. The removal of time-reversal symmetry in such systems further extends the variety of observable magneto-electric and topological effects. Here we report the striking topological properties in the non-centrosymmetric spin-orbit magnet PrAlGe by combining spectroscopy and transport measurements. By photoemission spectroscopy below the Curie temperature, we observe topological Fermi arcs that correspond to projected topological charges of ±1 in the surface Brillouin zone. In the bulk, we observe the linear energy-dispersion of the Weyl fermions. We further observe a large anomalous Hall response in our magneto-transport measurements, which is understood to arise from diverging bulk Berry curvature fields associated with the Weyl band structure. These results establish a novel Weyl semimetal phase in magnetic non-centrosymmetric PrAlGe.

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