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Fragmentation cross sections of 600 MeV/Nucleon 20Ne on element al targets


Charge-changing and fragment production cross sections have been obtained for interactions of a 600 MeV/nucleon neon beam in H, C, Al, Cu, Sn, and Pb targets. The H target results were obtained using a polyethylene target and subtracting the cross sections obtained with the carbon target. At 600 MeV/nucleon, the angular distributions of the fragments are strongly forward-peaked, andconsequently the spectra seen in the detectors with the largest angular acceptance - corresponding to a forward cone with half-angle 7 degrees - show obvious fragment peaks only for charges 5 through 9. No clear peaks are seen below charge 5 in the large-acceptance detectors, but spectra from detectors subtending smaller angular acceptances show peaks for all fragment species, and additional identifiable peaks from events with between two and four fragments in coincidence. Production cross sections for all fragment species, from the aforementioned targets, are reported here and, where possible are compared to earlier measurements and to the predictions of the NUCFRG2 and QMSFRG models and an empirical parameterization that is tuned for higher-mass beams. The cross sections for fragments of charge 5 and below have not been previously reported. Also, the charge-changing cross sections are compared to earlier measurements and to NUCFRG2 and the Bradt-Peters model.

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