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Open Access Publications from the University of California

MIMAC low energy electron-recoil discrimination measured with fast neutrons

  • Author(s): Riffard, Q
  • Santos, D
  • Guillaudin, O
  • Bosson, G
  • Bourrion, O
  • Bouvier, J
  • Descombes, T
  • Muraz, JF
  • Lebreton, L
  • Maire, D
  • Colas, P
  • Giomataris, I
  • Busto, J
  • Fouchez, D
  • Brunner, J
  • Tao, C
  • et al.

MIMAC (MIcro-TPC MAtrix of Chambers) is a directional WIMP Dark Matter detector project. Direct dark matter experiments need a high level of electron/recoil discrimination to search for nuclear recoils produced by WIMP-nucleus elastic scattering. In this paper, we proposed an original method for electron event rejection based on a multivariate analysis applied to experimental data acquired using monochromatic neutron fields. This analysis shows that a 10 rejection power is reachable for electron/recoil discrimination. Moreover, the efficiency was estimated by a Monte-Carlo simulation showing that a 10 electron rejection power is reached with a 86.49 ± 0.17% nuclear recoil efficiency considering the full energy range and 94.67 ± 0.19% considering a 5 keV lower threshold. 5 5

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