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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Water-Window X-Ray Pulses from a Laser-Plasma Driven Undulator.

  • Author(s): Maier, AR
  • Kajumba, N
  • Guggenmos, A
  • Werle, C
  • Wenz, J
  • Delbos, N
  • Zeitler, B
  • Dornmair, I
  • Schmidt, J
  • Gullikson, EM
  • Krausz, F
  • Schramm, U
  • Kleineberg, U
  • Karsch, S
  • Grüner, F
  • et al.

Femtosecond (fs) x-ray pulses are a key tool to study the structure and dynamics of matter on its natural length and time scale. To complement radio-frequency accelerator-based large-scale facilities, novel laser-based mechanisms hold promise for compact laboratory-scale x-ray sources. Laser-plasma driven undulator radiation in particular offers high peak-brightness, optically synchronized few-fs pulses reaching into the few-nanometer (nm) regime. To date, however, few experiments have successfully demonstrated plasma-driven undulator radiation. Those that have, typically operated at single and comparably long wavelengths. Here we demonstrate plasma-driven undulator radiation with octave-spanning tuneability at discrete wavelengths reaching from 13 nm to 4 nm. Studying spontaneous undulator radiation is an important step towards a plasma-driven free-electron laser. Our specific setup creates a photon pulse, which closely resembles the plasma electron bunch length and charge profile and thus might enable novel methods to characterize the longitudinal electron phase space.

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