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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Identification of the New Isotope ^{244}Md.

  • Author(s): Pore, JL
  • Gates, JM
  • Orford, R
  • Campbell, CM
  • Clark, RM
  • Crawford, HL
  • Esker, NE
  • Fallon, P
  • Gooding, JA
  • Kwarsick, JT
  • Macchiavelli, AO
  • Morse, C
  • Rudolph, D
  • Såmark-Roth, A
  • Santamaria, C
  • Shah, RS
  • Stoyer, MA
  • et al.

In an experiment performed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's 88-inch cyclotron, the isotope ^{244}Md was produced in the ^{209}Bi(^{40}Ar,5n) reaction. Decay properties of ^{244}Md were measured at the focal plane of the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator, and the mass number assignment of A=244 was confirmed with the apparatus for the identification of nuclide A. The isotope ^{244}Md is reported to have one, possibly two, α-decaying states with α energies of 8.66(2) and 8.31(2) MeV and half-lives of 0.4_{-0.1}^{+0.4} and ∼6  s, respectively. Additionally, first evidence of the α decay of ^{236}Bk was observed and is reported.

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