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Atmospheric neutrinos can make beauty strange


The large observed mixing angle in atmospheric neutrinos, coupled with Grand Unification, motivates the search for a large mixing between right-handed strange and bottom squarks. Such mixing does not appear in the standard CKM phenomenology, but may induce significant b to s transitions through gluino diagrams. Working inthe mass eigenbasis, we show quantitatively that an order one effect on CP violation in B_d to phi+K_S is possible due to a large mixing between right-handed b and s squarks, while still satisfying constraints from b to s + gamma. We also include the effect of right- and left-handed bottom squark mixing proportional to m_b*mu*tan(beta). For small mu*tan(beta) there may also be a large effect in B_s mixing correlated with a large effect in B_d to phi+K_S,typically yielding an unambiguous signal of new physics at Tevatron Run II.

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