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Dynamics of Interaction with the Environment in Creativity: Embodied Imagination Framework


In creativity, the importance of interaction with the environment through bodily movement and perceptual information acquired therein has been discussed anecdotally. However, past creativity studies have mainly focused on the connection of creativity with memory and knowledge and the relationship between creativity and cognitive manipulations. The above process of bodily movement and environment was not sufficiently discussed. In this study, we developed a model of the above process and partially checked its validity through an experiment. Our model and the results of our experiment suggested the following processes. The interaction with the environment through the bodily movement changes the content and quality of the ideas generated. That interaction also changes the content of the cognitive manipulations in the idea generation. The above change in the cognitive manipulations partially described the change in the content and quality of the ideas. In these processes, the acquisition of perceptual information that differs greatly from the prediction has an important function. The dynamical relationship between the bodily movement, perception, and cognition in creative activities will require further investigation.

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