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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Isospin symmetry breaking in the mirror pair Sr 73-Br 73

  • Author(s): Lenzi, SM
  • Poves, A
  • MacChiavelli, AO
  • et al.

The recent experimental observation of isospin symmetry breaking (ISB) in the ground states of the T=3/2 mirror pair Sr73-Br73 is theoretically studied using large-scale shell-model calculations. The large valence space and the successful PFSDG-U effective interaction used for the nuclear part of the problem capture possible structural changes and provide a robust basis to treat the ISB effects of both electromagnetic and nonelectromagnetic origin. The calculated shifts and mirror-energy differences are consistent with the inversion of the Iπ=1/2-,5/2-states between Sr73 and Br73 and suggest that the role played by the Coulomb interaction is dominant. An isospin breaking contribution of nuclear origin is estimated to be ≈25keV.

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