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Curvature Effect on Aesthetic perception


Aesthetic perception is an inseparable part of the decision-making process in daily life. It also is an important part of the beauty and therefore tastes. The determination of preferences is directly related to the subregions of the PFC. The contour is the essential visual attribute for accurately perceiving the form of an object. It has been known that sharp angles cause an implicit perception of threat, and perceived security is related to aesthetic pleasure. The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of contour type on decision making and aesthetic perception in PFC. The study using the fNIRS method has shown that there is a marginal significant relation between liking, contour type, and PFC areas (F(3.81)=2.225, p>.092, η2=.076). Current findings suggest that left mPFC, FPC, and right dlPFC have a significant contribution to the liking of curved objects.

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