Persian collective nouns enhance ensemble size perception
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Persian collective nouns enhance ensemble size perception


Similarities of either artificial or natural groups are extractable by our visual system in terms of ensemble perception. On the other hand cognitive linguistics postulates that changing mental image schema for describing a scene from global to local and vice versa is obvious in our daily conversations. Here we hypothesized that global or local priming of participants would modulate their threshold in mean discrimination task (MDT). Thereby, 10 right-handed , 14 years old participants went through an ABBA within-subject counterbalance design to compare 4 pairs of collective and singular nouns priming effect by successive ensemble size perception task(MDT) including a display of random circles sizes and then a mean discrimination task to decide which one of the test circles match the previous display mean circle size. Our preliminary results demonstrate Persian collective nouns in comparison to singular nouns could decrease threshold to distinguish mean circle sizes in last display.

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