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Lucero is the literary and critical journal edited, produced and published by the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California, Berkeley. This journal is currently undergoing a transition to a digital format and will continue to be dedicated to Iberian, Latin American, US Latino and Luso-Brazilian Studies. Since its first issue in 1990, it has promoted a multicultural and multilingual dialogue in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The journal’s prestige has assured its place in the Modern Language Association (MLA) Index of publications. From 1990 to the present, Lucero has invited graduate students and scholars to participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue in which every volume focuses on a specific concern related to our disciplines.

Global Crises: Cultural Responses

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Recently, various events have shaken social, political and economic spheres. Talk of “the crisis” in news reports and daily conversations usually refers to these current events, yet the notion of crisis can be understood in a broader sense. By crisis, we refer not only to the global economic breakdown, but also to a variety of cultural, historical, social and theoretical problems, ranging from the crisis of representation to the role of academia in society. Given the recent economic downturn, the role of the university and, in particular, of the humanities has entered a situation of crisis. Institutions, scholars and students are questioning academic priorities and the role of the humanities in the world. With the rise of cultural studies and the questioning of the canon in recent years, Spanish and Portuguese as a discipline is in a particular moment of crisis and renovation.