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The International Journal of Comparative Psychology is sponsored by the International Society for Comparative Psychology. It is a peer-reviewed open-access digital journal that publishes studies on the evolution and development of behavior in all animal species. It accepts research articles and reviews, letters and audiovisual submissions.

Volume 6, Issue 4, 1993



American Museum of Natural History


Free University of Berlin

The Mentality of Orangs

The anthropoid research station established in 1913 by Mr. E.Teuber, described briefly in an earlier publication, had to be given up in the Fall of 1918,after the property involved changed hands and was no longer suitable for use as a laboratory. Until then, the new station (El Cipres,Orotava) could not be constructed precisely enough for maintenance of the animals and for many of the observations and experiments, because only a portion of the original building material remained usable after the demolition of the earlier installation, and new material was not obtainable


Koehler and Tool Use in Orang-Utans


will comment on some specific behaviors observed by Koehler, on the basis of our studies of semi-wild orang-utans conducted in 1991 and 1992 at Sepilok/Sandakan and Semengoh/Kuching Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centers in East Malaysia. Most of our comments refer to tool use,although these may be connected with other observations