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Peer review process
New manuscripts will be considered for publication on the basis of their contribution to important and current topics in paleontology, evolutionary biology and geology, and their scholarly competence and originality.

Upon receipt, each manuscript will be read by the Editors and/or Editorial Board members to determine its suitability for publication prior to in-depth peer review. The Editorial Board may also be consulted. Manuscripts that do not follow the submission guidelines and instructions, lack quality in presentation and original research, or are otherwise inappropriate will be returned to the author(s) without additional review.

All manuscripts approved by the Editors will be reviewed by at least two scholars familiar with the area of research. The Senior Editor may solicit suggestions for peer reviewers from the author(s). Additionally, the Editorial Board may also make recommendations for reviewers. Reviews are expected to be returned in 30 days.

The Senior Editor will review the submitted reports by the reviewers and at that time determine whether the manuscript should be (1) rejected and returned to the author; (2) accepted with minor revision; or (3) accepted with major revisions. Accepted articles returned to the author(s) for revision should be resubmitted to PaleoBios in a timely manner within 4-6 weeks.

The Editors and/or Editorial Board may provide suggestions as to how a rejected manuscript might be improved for subsequent consideration. In such cases, the revised manuscript will be subject to a full second-round review.