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First report of citrus virus A in citrus in South Africa


High-throughput sequencing (HTS) of citrus indicator hosts, originally inoculated from field samples and showing transient chlorotic flecking or oak leaf patterns, revealed the presence of the first South African variant of citrus virus A (CiVA). This virus was first identified in citrus in Italy and was classified as a member of the second species (Coguvirus eburi) of the genus Coguvirus within the order Bunyavirales. The South African sequence variants of CiVA share 95.26-95.55% (RNA1) and 94.82-97.85% (RNA2) nucleotide sequence identity with the CiVA sequences from the Italian isolate. The discovery of CiVA in South African citrus orchards indicates a wide distribution of CiVA and further investigations are required to determine the association of CiVA with citrus disease symptoms.


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