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Observation of Topological Electronic Structure in Quasi-1D Superconductor TaSe3

  • Author(s): Chen, C;
  • Liang, A;
  • Liu, S;
  • Nie, S;
  • Huang, J;
  • Wang, M;
  • Li, Y;
  • Pei, D;
  • Yang, H;
  • Zheng, H;
  • Zhang, Y;
  • Lu, D;
  • Hashimoto, M;
  • Barinov, A;
  • Jozwiak, C;
  • Bostwick, A;
  • Rotenberg, E;
  • Kou, X;
  • Yang, L;
  • Guo, Y;
  • Wang, Z;
  • Yuan, H;
  • Liu, Z;
  • Chen, Y
  • et al.

A topological superconductor (TSC) is a new type of superconductor with non-trivial topology in its bulk electronic structure, which has great potential in both fundamental research and application. However, despite the intensive research efforts worldwide, to date only a few intrinsic (non-heterostructures) materials have been proposed as TSC candidates. In this work, following the theoretical prediction, we experimentally studied a newly proposed TSC candidate, TaSe3. The topological non-trivial surface states were directly observed by using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, while the superconductivity of the compound was examined by both transport and scanning tunneling microscopy measurement. Therefore, TaSe3 was proved to be a promising candidate as a TSC, and a promising research platform for the related novel physics phenomena.

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