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Simulations of fast ion wall loads in ASDEX Upgrade in the presence of magnetic perturbations due to ELM-mitigation coils


The effect of ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) edge localized mode (ELM)-mitigation coils on fast ion wall loads was studied with the fast particle following Monte Carlo code ASCOT. Neutral beam injected particles were simulated in two AUG discharges both in the presence and in the absence of the magnetic field perturbation induced by the eight newly installed in-vessel coils. In one of the discharges (#26476) beams were applied individually, making it a useful basis for investigating the effect of the coils on different beams. However, no ELM mitigation was observed in #26476, probably due to the low plasma density. Therefore, another discharge (#26895) demonstrating clear ELM mitigation was also studied. The magnetic perturbation due to the in-vessel coils has a significant effect on the fast particle confinement, but only when total magnetic field, B tot, is low. When B tot was high, the perturbation did not increase the losses, but merely resulted in redistribution of the wall power loads. Hence, it seems to be possible to achieve ELM mitigation using in-vessel coils, while still avoiding increased fast ion losses, by simply using a strong B tot. Preliminary comparisons between simulated and experimental fast ion lost detector signals show a reasonable correspondence. © 2012 IAEA, Vienna.

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