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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Interplay between plasmon and single-particle excitations in a metal nanocluster.

  • Author(s): Ma, Jie
  • Wang, Zhi
  • Wang, Lin-Wang
  • et al.

Plasmon-generated hot carriers are used in photovoltaic or photochemical applications. However, the interplays between the plasmon and single-particle excitations in nanosystems have not been theoretically addressed using ab initio methods. Here we show such interplays in a Ag55 nanocluster using real-time time-dependent density functional theory simulations. We find that the disappearance of the zero-frequency peak in the Fourier transform of the band-to-band transition coefficient is a hallmark of the plasmon. We show the importance of the d-states for hot-carrier generations. If the single-particle d-to-s excitations are resonant to the plasmon frequency, the majority of the plasmon energy will be converted into hot carriers, and the overall hot-carrier generation is enhanced by the plasmon; if such resonance does not exist, we observe an intriguing Rabi oscillation between the plasmon and hot carriers. Phonons play a minor role in plasmonic dynamics in such small systems. This study provides guidance on improving plasmonic applications.

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