Information transfer by quantum matterwave modulation
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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Information transfer by quantum matterwave modulation


Classical communication schemes that exploit wave modulation are the basis of the information era. The transfer of information based on the quantum properties of photons revolutionized these modern communication techniques. Here we demonstrate that also matterwaves can be applied for information transfer and that their quantum nature provides a high level of security. Our technique allows transmitting a message by a non-trivial modulation of an electron matterwave in a biprism interferometer. The data is encoded by a Wien filter introducing a longitudinal shift between separated matterwave packets. The transmission receiver is a delay line detector performing a dynamic contrast analysis of the fringe pattern. Our method relies on the Aharonov-Bohm effect and has no light optical analog since it does not shift the phase of the electron interference. A passive eavesdropping attack will cause decoherence and terminating the data transfer. This is demonstrated by introducing a semiconducting surface that disturbs the quantum state by Coulomb interaction and reduces the contrast. We also present a key distribution protocol based on the quantum nature of the matterwaves that can reveal active eavesdropping.

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