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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Search for axioelectric effect of solar axions using BGO scintillating bolometer

  • Author(s): Derbin, AV
  • Gironi, L
  • Nagorny, SS
  • Pattavina, L
  • Beeman, JW
  • Bellini, F
  • Biassoni, M
  • Capelli, S
  • Clemenza, M
  • Drachnev, IS
  • Ferri, E
  • Giachero, A
  • Gotti, C
  • Kayunov, AS
  • Maiano, C
  • Maino, M
  • Muratova, VN
  • Pavan, M
  • Pirro, S
  • Semenov, DA
  • Sisti, M
  • Unzhakov, EV
  • et al.

© 2014, The Author(s). A search for axioelectric absorption of solar axions produced in the (Formula presented.) reaction has been performed with a BGO detector placed in a low-background setup. A model-independent limit on the combination of axion–nucleon and axion–electron coupling constants has been obtained: (Formula presented.) for 90 % confidence level. The constraint of the axion–electron coupling constant has been obtained for hadronic axion with masses of (0.1–1) MeV: (Formula presented.).

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