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Fauna and setting of the Adelolophus hutchisoni type locality in the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Wahweap Formation of Utah


We report new data on the type locality of the hadrosaurid ornithischian Adelolophus hutchisoni Gates et al., 2014 from the Campanian-aged Wahweap Formation of southern Utah, and the remainder of the vertebrate assemblage from the site. The type locality (UCMP V98173) is a previously-reported U.S. Geological Survey locality (USGS D815) and is stratigraphically low in the upper member of the Wahweap Formation. Additional taxa from the same site include acipenseriforms (sturgeon), amiiforms (bowfin), and lepisosteiforms (gar fish), baenid and trionychid turtles, and both theropod and ornithischian dinosaurs.

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