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Reviewer Guidelines

Each manuscript submitted to UCLA Radiological Sciences Proceedings is subject to at least two double-blind peer reviews; the identity of authors and peer-reviewers are not shared with each other. The peer-review process is treated as confidential, and reviews should not be shared beyond the peer-reviewer, author, and editors of the journal.

Peer-reviewers are chosen by the Editorial Board based on their subject matter expertise and are asked to offer an unbiased assessment of the manuscript. Each peer-reviewer is provided with a standardized Peer-review Guidelines Form to direct their review to specific aspects of the manuscript, including the importance and novelty of the subject matter, clarity, appropriateness of references, and formatting. The journal adheres to COPE's guidelines for peer reviewers, and strives to provide a fair and unbiased peer review process.

A completed peer-review form is the most effective way to communicate comments from multiple reviewers to the authors and it must be completed in its entirety. Peer-reviewers may provide a marked-up manuscript in addition to the completed peer-review form.

Peer-reviewers should only accept the invitation to review a manuscript if they think they have relevant knowledge and expertise and can return their review within three weeks. If, after accepting the invitation, the peer-reviewer is unable complete the review within this timeframe, they should let the editorial coordinators know as soon as possible. If a peer-reviewer lists any areas of concern with the manuscript, appropriate detailed comments and feedback should be provided to allow the author to address these.