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Voices is a graduate student publication that spans a variety of scientific approaches to the study of the Spanish language in the United States, ranging from theoretical to sociolinguistic. As most Spanish linguistics journals naturally focus on dialects native to the major countries associated with the language, they are necessarily limited in scope to that linguistic space. Voices specifically highlights topics pertaining to Spanish in the United States, particularly Los Angeles.

This journal is affiliated with CEEEUS, the Centro de los Estudios del Español de los Estados Unidos, a research group of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA and directed by Dr. Claudia Parodi, a notable scholar who has published on a wide variety of topics related to language, including both sociolinguistic and formal themes, in both the United States and Latin America. Some of her latest research has focused on the Spanish spoken in Los Angeles, and her great familiarity with this variety as well as those Mexican dialects on which it is based uniquely qualify her for the position of faculty sponsor of this publication.