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How to submit to PaleoBios using eScholarship

Here are step by step instructions on how to submit your manuscript and supplementary files to PaleoBios using the eScholarship online submission site.

1)  From the PaleoBios landing page click on the orange "Submit" button located just above the "Manage Submissions" button in the top right corner of the page.  

PaleoBios landing page

2)  This takes you to the "Submissions Checklist." You must check off all the boxes making sure your manuscript is in proper PaleoBios format. Manuscripts not in proper format will be returned to the author(s). Fill out the "Cover Letter" section. This does not have to be long. Authors should suggest two to three reviewers. Click "Save and continue."

PaleoBios checklist

3)  After saving you will now see the page for submitting your manuscript - "Step 2-Uploading the Submission."  This is where you upload your WORD formatted manuscript document. The separate figures, tables, and other supplementary files will get uploaded later.  For review purposes authors may include lower resolution graphics as part of the manuscript. These should be placed within the WORD document at the end of the manuscript and in proper numerical order. Click "Choose File" and select your WORD manuscript document from your computer and then be sure to click "Upload." Click "Save and  continue."


4)  Next you will enter the author data, title, abstract, indexing info, and acknowledgements. Click "Add Author" button to add additional authors. Make sure the correct corresponding author is selected. Click "Save and continue." 

Enter metadata

Enter metadata 2

5)  Now you will upload your figures, tables,  cover image and any other supplementary files.  eScholarship treats all figures, tables , appendices as "supplementary" files, including supplementary files in the sense of other journals. Please upload these  files in their proper numerical sequence.  Click on "Choose a file,"  to upload Figure 1, be sure to click "Upload."  Repeat this step to upload all your remaining supplementary files (figures, tables, cover  image). For review purposes authors may submit graphics as high-quality JPEG or PDFs at this point in the submission process. However, high-resolution, editable Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator or PDF files must be uploaded to the site for the final publication. Click "Save and continue."

Supplementary files

6)  Now enter the file data. You only need to fill in the title blank (e.g., Figure 1., Fig. 1, Table 1, Tab. 1).  Do not check the "Present to reviewers..." box. Click "Save and continue." 

Supplementary files 1

7)  You can upload another figure, table or any other supplementary file. If you are done click "Skip and continue."

Supplementary files2

8)  Check to make sure all your files to be submitted are listed under the "File Summary." If okay then click the "Final Submission" button. Prior to submitting one can always go back to previous pages by clicking on the section subheadings: 1. Start, 2. Upload Submission, 3. Enter Metadata, 4. Upload Supplementary Files. Once you have submitted your article you can track its status by clicking on the "Manage Submissions" button.         

Final submission